This quest is triggered once the Serpent of Knowledge is reached (part 15 of Curse of Greed) AND level 37 is reached.


1. You will need 10 Black Pearls to complete one of the challenges for this quest. Start collecting them NOW!

Part 1

Reward: 30 Sapphires, 1 Black Pearl

Part 2

Reward:? 10 sapphires, 2 emeralds

Part 3

  • Defeat Dread Pirate Randalls (Found next to the Red Hammer)
  • Defeat his hoard of 20 pirates

Reward: 10 Sapphires, 2 Emeralds

After Step 3 completes, the fog lifts

Part 4


Look at the mist! It's clearing! Those floating candles look especially suspicious!

  • Complete a Long Emerald Queen voyage for a good route
  • Expand towards those candles in the distance! (You actually need to clear the square that the monumnet is on! For this monument the normal 4 x squares around the monumnet clearing when you explore one of them DOES NOT APPLY!)


What? Who is that woman and what is she doing with those candl;es?

  • 6 Emeralds

Part 5


Make yourself useful and find me something to keep these flames hot!

  • Send Robert's Galleon on a Medium Voyage to find heat!
  • Purchase a Lava Pool to keep the heat up! (2 x 2 Decoration, cost 2,756,800 coins, build time 6 hours)


Reward Text here....

2 Emeralds

  • 15 Sapphires

Part 6

Reward: 6 Emeralds + 1 Black Pearl

Part 7

  • Defeat 5 pirates to insure the conjurer isn’t distracted
  • Complete 3 mermaid searches for the best pearls!

Reward: 25 Sapphires + 1 Black Pearl + 2 Rubies