This quest is available after you reach Level 11 and consists of 4 parts.


Local Raids (1/4)

Let's show neighbouring colonies how strong we are. And hey, maybe we can get some treasures on the side, too!

At this stage, you do not send your ship out on a raid after you have defeated the friend, this actually could hinder your progress in step two.
  • Wait 6 hours to see if the Royal Navy caught on!

Well now, that was easier than I thought it would be. We got our treasure back!

Local Raids (2/4)

It looked like there was a lot of unguarded treasure on that island, too. Maybe if we scouted for longer, we could grab it!

  • Use the Wanted List to attack another player.
  • Raid a player: Defeat them AND steal some loot!

Impressive hunting! But watch out for people protecting their own shores!

Local Raids (3/4)

I haven't had so much fun since the pirate wars of '59! But be careful, people can retaliate if you take their treasures!

  • Acquire 1,000 more Pearls (we won't ask how).
  • Get 30 more Sapphires however you want.
  • Defeat a player in the Wanted List to keep your loot safe!
You do not have to raid the player, only defeat them.

How thrilling! You are definitely dominating these battles! Look at these treasures we found in the last raid. Be sure you protect them!

Local Raids (4/4)

Now you've got the hang of this! Go prove you are a worthy fighter, and a powerful battleship will be yours!

  • Defeat 20 other players in battle!

Incredible work! You are truly the most powerful raider of the sea!