There are a variety of quests in Tap Paradise Cove. Quests allow you to expand to new areas, unlock some ships, unlock some merchants, unlock some decorations and to get free rewards: extra coins, rubies, inventory items; new ships, decorations, houses and merchants.

Warning the following links contain SPOILERS.

Story Line Quest

The first three story line quests are "map piece" based quests that start with "The Secret of the Golden Hind" and unlock, in sequence, as you complete each map. The next two quests trigger as you pass through the various parts of Curse of Greed. It is possible that you may trigger For Paratoan! BEFORE Floating Flames and vice-versa, depending on which order you visit the monuments in.

The sequence of quests is: -

  1. The Secret of the Golden Hind
  2. Hidden Ziggurat
  3. Curse of Greed
  4. Floating Flames
  5. For Paratoan!


  1. Curse of Greed appears to be the last map quest. And will start once Hidden Ziggurat is completed.
  2. To start Floating Flames and For Paratoan! you do NOT have to have finished Curse of Greed! I have all three running at the moment!
  3. The trigger point for Floating Flames appears to be the Serpent of Knowledge monument.
  4. I can't recall what the trigger point for For Paratoan! is at present.
  5. It is possible that For Paratoan! is not available in the Andriod version of the game, due to the requirement to craft items. With Version 3.2 of TPC for Android, Crafting is now available, so this quest should be available. Confirmed 26/3/14 - For Paratoan! is available and operational on Android (3.02.04).

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Level Quests

Level quests are unlocked after a new level is reached and only when all previous level quests have been completed. With few exceptions, the head quest of each level must be completed before the second and third quest are presented. For example Pushing Back the Dark is offered at level 3 or higher and only after completing A Man Called Smith

Ship level quests are also unlocked after a new level is reached and only if the previous head level quest and the previous ship level quest are completed. For example the Life on the High Seas quest is offered only after reaching level 8 and only after completing Fresh Faces and The High Seas.

The sequence of Level Quests is:

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Pirate Quest Line

The Pirate Quest series leads you through the fighting aspect of the game. It will effectively teach you the fighting interface and procedure whilst encouraging you to upgrade your fleet, and give an idea of the rewards available.

NOTES: Nothing is known about whether Local Raids is available on Android, however, on my Android tablet, it did not commence on completion of Life on the High Seas, or at any point since. The version of Jonah's Wish on Android has "defeat 8 pirates" instead of "defeat 8 friends", which suggests that Android does not yet have PvP functionality.

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Side Quest

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Ruby Quest Line (requires 1,023 rubies)

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Wish Quest

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Wish Quest Christmas Special 2012

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Limited Time Quest

Limited Time Quests, or LTQ's, are triggered at certain points in the game and have to be completed within a set time period. If the deadline is missed then the quest disappears, along with any rewards, but does not effect overall game play.

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Fixed Date Quest

Periodically, PocketGems will release a new, short term quest which is open to everyone above a certain level (dependent on quest). These are similar to the LTQs above in that they have a fixed duration, but differ in that they are a one off release, independent of game progression. Again, if the deadline is missed then the quest disappears, along with any rewards, but does not effect overall game play.

Note: PocketGems (and its games) operate on Pacific Standard Time (PST).  This means that the day 'starts' and 'finishes' at 08:00 GMT regardless of your timezone.

For a complete list of past and present Fixed Date Quests please go here.