You're craft
This quest is available when you reach level 12 and has 5 parts.

You Are Crafty (1/5)

  • Step 1 Quest Screen
  • Step 1 Reward Screen

Challenge: Help me get started and then let's see what we can do with some of this junk you got lying around!


You Are Crafty (2/5)

  • Step 2 Quest Screen
  • Step 2 Reward Screen

Challenge: Let's save that rope, we'll need it soon! Let's practice with some pearls. If we split them just so, and cauterize them as such...


You Are Crafty (3/5)

  • Step 3 Quest Screen
  • Step 3 Reward Screen

Challenge: Wow! A whole sapphire! I wonder if we can make more with more ingredients!


You Are Crafty (4/5)

  • Step 4 Quest Screen
  • Step 4 Reward Screen

Challenge:Let's practice a little more before we get into anything too complicated.


You Are Crafty (5/5)

  • Step 5 Quest Screen
  • Step 5 Reward Screen

Challenge:You know. I bet we could try something much bigger! We may be getting ahead od ourselves, but let's find out!

You are crafty end